These gun cabinets are fashioned of only the finest, kiln dried woods from around the world, with solid brass hardware. Painstakingly crafted by old-world artisans, the cabinet stands over six feet tall.

The top section contains two laminated/beveled glass doors with a colorless membrane resulting in 3/8” thickness, that open to reveal two rows of gun supports to display a total of 19 rifles or shotguns.

The cabinet also contains two telescoping side carts to better access the back row of rifles or shotguns in addition to 10 handguns between the side doors and telescoping slides. There is a bar lock to prevent removing guns from the front row and a bar lock to secure the telescoping slides and 10 individual locks for the handguns.

The lower section of the cabinet contains four drawers mounted on telescopic slides. These drawers are ideal for holding ammunition, cartridges and hand guns.

The cabinet measures 78.5” tall x 56” wide x 23 ¼” deep and weighs approximately 330 lbs.