Construction Details

90 Days to Perfection

It takes a team of machinists, wood makers and polishers to build your Armero gun cabinet. Each cabinet is constructed of solid cedar with world-class veneers hand-finished to perfection. Each cabinet is painstakingly made by hand, utilizing a process which requires more than 100 man-hours.

Days 1 - 19
Each piece is precisely cut then stacked in alternating layers to allow for proper air circulation. This wood is dried and cured for 15 days. After the wood has cured, the wood makers cut and build each panel and wood frame piece to approximate size. Veneers are then applied using hot glue, a special sealing oil and a hydraulic press.

Day 20
The carpenters and wood polishers cut each piece of wood to exact size. The machinist chooses each piece of wood by hand, discarding any that is warped or does not have a precise veneer. All surfaces and edges of each piece are then planed and cut to the exact thickness and size needed. All moldings and joints are cut, with all holes for screws and wood doweling precisely placed. Each piece is hand-sanded until perfect in shape and size.

Day 30
The carpenters and wood makers start to assemble your cabinet by hand as the machinist make final cuttings of each piece to fit seamlessly. The entire cabinet is then assembled to check for fit.

Day 35 - 59
The frame of your cabinet is finished. Smaller pieces and framework pieces are now machined to size then squared and adjusted for a perfect fit. After final adjustments are made, the entire cabinet is disassembled and each piece of wood is hand-sanded with very fine sandpaper.

Days 60-69
The lacquer and polishing process begins by hand-sanding each piece. Once again, each piece of wood is given a final inspection for blemishes. Your cabinet then receives 4 coats of hand-applied polyurethane lacquer applied in alternating layers of brush strokes. Between coats, each piece is hand sanded until it is "smooth as glass". Extremely fine sandpaper, steel wool and very fine abrasive cloths are used. A fifth coat of special finishing lacquer is applied by hand to obtain the final semi-gloss finish.

Days 70-74
Each piece is allowed to dry for 3 days, then shined and polished by hand. At this time, your cabinet is assembled by hand and all the brass fittings and locks are installed. The beveled glass doors are installed. All drawers and door hinges are given final adjustment for a perfect fit.

Days 75-89
Each cabinet is given 15 days to allow the lacquer coats to completely set, and to also free the gasses from the lacquer coats before packing.

Day 90
Your Armero gun cabinet is ready to pack and ship.